Race Night

Are you an avid follower of the Grand National?
Do you like to try your luck at guessing the winner and coming away a winner yourself?
Or do you look at the name of this event and think “Race Night?” what is that?
Well if any of these apply, then we have the event for you . . . the Race Night . . . predictable . .

So get yourselves down (or up depending on where you live!) to the Gardeners Arms Biggleswade by 7pm on the 16th June!

50p is all you need and you could be walking away a winner . . if you guess correctly anyway!
If not then you are still walking away a winner as you have yet again helped support the great causes that the Biggleswade Carnival raise money for every year!

So trot along to the Gardeners Arms, Biggleswade on the 16th June at 7pm for a night of fast paced action!

Children 5 years and older welcome!

Event Sponsored by the Gardeners Arms, Biggleswade