Duck Race

Every year at the Dan Albone Carpark races are held with the top ducks taking all! Ducks are released from the Bridge and they then swim as fast as possible down river to hopefully win prizes for their sponsors . .  . And this year is no different! The ducks will be racing down the river again on the 16th June!

To sponsor a duck for a race you simply need to pay £1 and then watch as hopefully your duck beats the others to take either 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. The prizes for the top three ducks are:

1st Place- £25 Pounds
2nd Place – £15 Pounds
3rd Place – £10 Pounds

Since there is generally as very good turnout of ducks sold, we generally hold 4 races with 150 lucky ducks in each. However this is all dependent on how many people support the carnival’s cause, so get involved why not sponser your duck in every race or even have multiple ducks in a single race. Sponser your duck sooner, rather than later, as these ducks go fast, to ensure yours doesn’t swim away why not sponsor your duck before race day.

Ducks are available to be purchased from 12.30 onwards with the first race taking place at 2pm.

Apart from the main attraction there are also many side stalls such as Beat the goalie, Tombolas, Hook a duck and more . . . As well as this there is a mini disco, BBQ and a sweet stall! It is a fun day out for all to come to on what is generally a very warm Sunday. If your very lucky you might even get snapped by the Biggleswade Chronicle or even bump into the local Biggles FM Radio Station. We hope to see you there . . . get buying your ducks soon . . . and they may win the race for you!

Note: If you do come to the event then we would like to warn you to be very careful due to the traffic that travels across the bridge, so please watch your youngsters. We do not advise coming up to the bridge anyway, as the best view of the duck race is beside the river.

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