Bingo Night

So, do you have an avid interest in playing bingo? Do you enjoy the thrill of playing a few games every now or then? Or simply enjoy getting involved in carnival fund raising events, then the Carnival Bingo Night is for you! Just make yourself available for the 18th June!

Eyes down (or for those less familiar, when the numbers are called!) starts at 7.45pm with each book costing a very minimal £1.00 each. You can win various amounts on each round with the final round being the jackpot! If you are lucky enough to win the jackpot round then you stake your claim to £100!

All money taken from book sales is paid back out in prize money on the same night and so the more people, then the higher the prizes!

Bar Facilities are available at the Working Men’s Club, with a Carnival Raffle also being held on the night. Our favourite caller, Jon Picton, shall yet again be calling those lucky numbers on the evening. We and John hope to see you, wishing good luck too all!

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